Fueling The Fandom Fire!

Show your support for all those poor, sorely-neglected fandoms out there...

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A special community for those who belong to all those small, sorely-neglected fandoms out there...
Howdy! Are you an active member of a very small--& probably sorely-underappreciated--fandom? Do you think that certain fandoms, like "A Clockwork Orange" or "Once Upon A Forest", need more love & support? Do you write fanfiction or do fanart for an obscure fandom? Do you wish there was a way to increase awareness of all those poor, neglected fandoms out there? Well, you've come to the right place! ^_^ Here, at "Fueling The Fandom Fire!", worshippers of obscure movies & TV shows can gather to discuss their fandoms (& just about anything about them!), post fanfiction & fanart, make fandom (& fanwork) recommendations, host contests & challenges, ask questions, share (friendly!) debates, rant, rave, & indulge in shameless self-promotion of those small fandoms we love so much! ^_^

Anyone is free to join the community, but please remember that it does have a few rules; however, these rules are simple, & should be very easy to follow. :)

1. Let's try to encourage diplomacy & a positive attitude among our fellow fans, OK? Please do your absolute best to refrain from fighting, spreading hate, saying anything overly-negative, putting other people down, writing anything hurtful or judgemental, or lambasting people's opinions. We've all come here to show our love & appreciation for smaller fandoms, & that means we should also respect the fans, too; believe me, this is the last place where we'd want to get into fan-fights & flame wars!

2. If you're posting fanfiction, fanart, icons, or whatever, it would be greatly appreciated if you could post them under an LJ-cut. :) In fact, doing so is strongly encouraged. ^_^

3. If you're posting a fanfiction, please be sure to mention this information in the post:

Title Of Fanfiction
Author Of Fanfiction
Name Of Fandom(s)
Character(s) Featured
Pairing(s) (If Any)
Genre(s) / Type(s) Of Fanfiction
Rating (can be anything from G to R)
Warnings (If Needed)

All genres & types of fanfiction are welcome, so feel free to post crossovers, AUs, songfics, parodies, MPreg stories, or anything else you desire! ^_^ As long as it's written well, I'll take it!

4. Don't just join the group to start handing out spam, 'cause--*switches to Cockney accent*--we don't like spam! *abruptly switches to Invader Zim voice* And anyone who does post spam will be sure to receive the mighty ban-hammer of DOOM!!!

5. Last, but most definitely not least, have fun! ^_^